MLM Business Development – Amateurs vs Professionals

Network Marketers are notorious for selling, convincing and begging people to join their business opportunity. That is the amateur approach which leads to the over 90% industry failure rate. Professionals in MLM use the same strategies as the most successful corporations in history. Read on to discover that standards you need to uphold to earn a professional level of income in Network Marketing.

While the amateur networkers continue to try to solve the mystery of how to get more people “involved” in their business opportunity, professionals are scouring the market for talent much like IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Fed-Ex and every other major corporation. These companies are constantly filling positions from entry level up to executive and their standards are very high.

Rather than telling our representatives how to get out there and “sell” lotions, potions and services, we are teaching them how to interview to find individuals who possess the qualities of the kind of people we are looking for. We raise up reps with the mindset that they are talent scouts competing with all of those big companies looking for success minded independent thinkers, team players who are not satisfied with mediocre jobs and average results. The individuals that qualify to be on our team want to have more control over their time and finances for the long-term future.

This changes the equation altogether. Would the hiring manager for any one of those big companies beg, convince or sell someone to fill a critical position? No way! They sort through applicants to find people with the skills, attitude, desire who are hungry and teachable. These qualities are absolutely essential for the long-term success of ANY organization.

As soon as you posture yourself as a talent scout interviewing prospects to see if they possess the qualities listed above, you will get much more results in less time with fewer people. You will now have a team that grows and duplicates with or without you. Congratulations, you have officially moved from amateur to professional.